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Orlando Pool Decks Now Offering Concrete Services

On Sunday, January 29th, Orlando Pool Decks announced the addition of its concrete services division.  This promising news came in just 2 days after a series of internal meetings, which sources say were held off-site in the Winter Park area.

Orlando Pool Decks is Florida-based concrete contractor known mainly for their impressive array of pool deck work, despite offering numerous other services.  Having performed concrete installations for 3 large hotels, 2 water-parks, and hundreds of residential customers across Orlando and the surrounding region in the past few years, it’s no surprise that the company plans to open a concrete division focused on other areas of work.  Unlike their brand name suggests, the team does much more than just decking.  Their skilled contractors do everything from repairing concrete patios to resurfacing driveways.  After speaking with the owner, it became clear that he was not satisfied with remaining in just one line of business.  He was quoted as saying, “…We’ve found a bottleneck in our business.  We’re great at what we do, but if no one knows about it, that part of the company will never grow.  We have gone ahead and added the concrete services we provided to our website in the hopes that local residents take notice.”  Clearly, this was a miss during the initial marketing phase.

In conversations with some of the Orlando Pool Decks employees, we learned that their team is now offering services related to driveways, foundations, patios, retaining walls, and sidewalks.  Another exciting note to mention is that they have negotiated with local providers to source their raw materials at lower margins, which means that new customers will receive even higher quality workmanship without any increases in pricing.

For more information on Orlando Pool Decks, you can reach them by phone at (407) 871-3826.