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Miami Business Highlight: Plant the Future

Greenery in the spaces that we inhabit is one of the goals of the Miami-based design studio, Plant the Future. When we used to think of nature, it only supposed to exist outdoors and only a small portion of it indoors; but now, the lines are blurred and the divide between indoors and outdoors is closing  in as nature begins to become a more integral part of our spaces and of our lives.

According to its founder and chief creator, Paloma Teppa, the concept of Plant the Future is based on biophilia – the innate desire of people to share a deep connection with nature. Connection with nature can pave the way towards better understanding of ourselves. Teppa believes that plants can guide us towards learning why we are alive and what our purpose is in this world. By knowing these valuable insights, we can live with wisdom and with peace.

The concept of Plant the Future may have began during Teppa’s childhood in her hometown in Córdoba, Argentina where she grew up surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature. After studying industrial design in Argentina and studying fine arts in Italy, Teppa moved to Miami, Florida and started working in a flower shop. It was during around this time when she realized how her interaction with plants has helped her heal and that she wanted to share this newfound wisdom with others. With her passion to bring people back to nature through her talent in the arts and design, she created the design studio Plant the Future with her husband, Yair Marcoschamer. By doing this, Teppa combines her love of nature and various disciplines in arts and design into one enterprise. Just like how the ecosystem operates through interconnectedness, plants, arts, products, architecture, and humans can all coexist in harmony.

Not surprisingly, Teppa draws inspiration from nature, specifically from biomimicry. Her art and her designs, which predominantly uses plants and other elements of nature, aim to replicate the beauty and functionality of the natural environment. She is also inspired by different practices and philosophies all over the world, such as the Ikebana and Feng Shui.

The Miami-based company wants to infuse man-made environments with nature. Plant the Future design studio uses plants incorporated into well-designed products and works of art to decorate not just private residences but also hotels, coffee shops, co-working spaces, corporate offices, hospitals, airports, and anywhere else that is in need of nature. High profile clients of this company includes Starbucks, Ritz Carlton, American Express, Nobu, and many more.

To make the designs work, Plant the Future considers the amount of time that will be dedicated to maintaining the plants, the activities in a certain area where the design will be located, and the function of the design and the space. The top priority of the design studio is to create designs that will last long and will work best for both the plants and the people in the space.

Aside from their online presence and working on-site for renovations and maintenance, Plant the Future also has a brick-and-mortar shop that people can visit located at the Little River Arts District in Miami. There, they also host plant workshops for both kids and adults