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Interview with Albany Deck Builders

On Tuesday, November 23rd, Albany Deck Builders announced it’s new location in Albany, NY. This fantastic news hit the wire 3 days after their meeting with the Capital Region business committee to discuss future plans.

Albany Deck Builders is an Albany-based deck contractor that area residents know from their famous radio ads. Their local deck construction company installs mainly wooden decks, along with handrails, and the occasional patio addition. In addition to installation, Albany Deck Builders also offers deck resurfacing and refinishing. They’ll sand down the surface, prime it, paint it any color you want, and seal it again so it can withstand the ridiculous winter weather the Capital Region is known for. Their decking contractors are skilled craftsman who have years of experience in the field working with their hands. You can expect high quality work at an affordable price point. According to the owner, “Albany Deck Builders is rated so highly because of their focus on customer service.” After independently contacting 10 customers who’ve previously left reviews, we can’t agree more. For more information on Albany Deck Builders, call (518) 401-0352.